Tom Huddlestone don’t Want Injured Players to Play


It is a very common incident that players hide their injuries and play for the clubs to earn money. But at times this makes this leads them to the most awkward position where they get unable to play for their country when it is needed. The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder clears his view about this and has asked his co-players not to do this. In an interview, he said that Harry Kane will not like to see his country in trouble for him. As per Tom Huddlestone, many of the players hide the fact that they are not 100% fit to get to the field and play for the team. But still, they play the matches and in the most crucial times, their injuries stop them to perform at their top level for the team.


The club vs. country controversy is very old in the football arena. Since the clubs pay the players with huge amounts than that of their national teams, there is a common tendency in some of the players to play safe when they are playing for the national team. On the other hand, they put the best of their efforts for the clubs. The same fact has made Jose Mourinho disappointed that despite not being 100% fit, Kane may have a place in the first 11 of his team against Denmark. Since Kane is one of the star recruits of the Tottenham Hotspurs, the supporters will never like to see their favorite player to play with an injury.

As per Tom Huddlestone, the players should play only when they are 100% fit to do so. Even a little tiredness in them or a bit of uneasy feeling may stop them to get into the field. But as per Kane’s nature, he would definitely play for the country even with a bit of uneasiness.

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