Huddlestone not fits enough

Tom Huddlestone has been criticized by some pundits for lack of fitness on the pitch.

This was evident in the match against Liverpool where the midfielder seems lost amidst Liverpool athletic players. The player who currently plays for Hull City admitted that he is short on fitness and that he needs some more training session to get back to his best level.

Phil Babb who currently works as a pundit was the one who pointed out the problem with Tom Huddlestone. The former Liverpool player said that Tom Huddlestone was not fit enough to get on the pitch in the match between Hull City and Liverpool. Babb said that this lack of fitness was evident in the player’s physique and that he needs some more intensive training to get back in shape

Phil Babb said that Tom Huddlestone is a talented player and that he undoubtedly have some good skills but his physical condition is hindering him. The former Liverpool defender said that the Hull City man should spend more time working on his fitness and make sure he is back to his best level before playing on the pitch.

Babb said that Tom Huddlestone was the weak link in the Hull City side that faced Liverpool as he lost the ball time and again due to poor physical condition.

Huddlestone agreed that he is currently in poor form and that he needs to work harder to regain his fitness. He said that he is only back from injury and that he will need some time in order to come back to his best form. He has accepted the criticism and said that he would use these words to motivate himself and to come back stronger. He has vowed to fight for his place in the team.