Contrary to what Huddlestone said, Hull City might need new signings

After finishing in one of the top spots of the English League Championship during the previous season of 2014-15, Hull City have earned their ticket to compete in the Premier League and so far things have been going very difficult for them as the English club which is currently being managed by Mike Phelan is currently positioned in the bottom relegation zone and some changes might need to happen in order for them to start turning things around.

Tom Huddlestone has been performing with Hull City since 2013 and the English midfielder has consistently been a regular starter ever since he joined a few years ago. The 29 year old player not too long ago stated that Hull City was not going to need to make a big amount of changes in the squad as Huddlestone was confident that they were still going to be able to compete against the other teams in the Premier League.

“I think we have the basis of a good squad and a good team. Everybody pulled together towards the end of last season, everyone gets along and there’s a great atmosphere in the changing room so hopefully we can continue where we left off last season. Any new signings would be welcomed into the group with open arms. Hopeful we can start where we left off, but it’s a difficult start to the season’’ This was a statement released by Tom Huddlestone a few months ago before the current season of the Premier League had kicked off as he voiced his confidence in the squad of Mike Phelan.

Unfortunately for Tom Huddlestone, his prediction has not gone as initially expected as Hull City are clearly struggling and with the winter transfer window approaching, it might be time to start taking a look in the market and see if any potential players could be signed.