Tom Huddlestone says that his teammates believe in Marco Silva

Hull City has recently experienced a change in their managerial position as Mike Phelan was sacked after guiding the English club to 13 defeats, 5 draws and 6 victories.

Phelan was replaced by the 39 year old Portuguese manager Marco Silva and Tom Huddlestone has recently stated that even though Hull City is currently located in the bottom relegation zones of the Premier League, the team are starting to believe that with the guidance of the recently appointed manager Marco Silva, Hull City will be able to start climbing spots and be able to survive in the Premier League for at least 1 more season.

‘’He’s been on the training pitch with us every day, putting in a lot of tactical information into us. Wherever the ball is on the pitch, or wherever system we play, we know as players exactly what is required of us without and without the ball’’

“With the amount of information he’s put into us, there’s no excuses. If you don’t do well, it’s down to lapses in concentration because we know exactly where he wants us to be. The lads have bought into that and it’s showing in the performances’’

‘’We’ve always had the confidence. Even when results weren’t going for us, the performances have been decent. But the main thing is the results and hopefully now we’re combining the two.” Tom Huddlestone said as the 30 year old English midfielder stated that Marcos Silva has made a huge impact even though the Portuguese manager only arrived to the club around 1 month ago.

Whether or not Hull City do indeed start to win games on a consistent basis and rise above the relegation zone is something that only time will tell but the upcoming Premier League matches of Marcos Silva and his men are going to be very difficult as they have to face off with: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Burnley.

Those all are of the opponents of Hull City for the month of February and it will be a huge challenge for Marco Silva and his squad.