Tom Huddlestone reckons Hull City’s Striking Ability

Tom Huddlestone reckons Hull City’s signings must have the striking ability because that’s a department the team was not the strongest the previous season and had to look up to Abel Hernandez all the time whenever a goal was required.

As per Huddlestone, the signings, not essentially, have got to be the forwards. They can be playmakers or wide men, it doesn’t matter, but, they must be the players with the nag of finding the net so that all the pressure doesn’t happen to be on Hernandez again.

Huddlestone said, “We had almost 30% of our goals coming from Abel only. Ideally, we would want others chipping in with the goals too. So, maybe, we can look around for genuine scorers who can score every now and then even if they play in the centre or wide. To have a couple of them will be good.”

“No other department, I believe, desperately needs additions. It’s only the scoring department to be honest. We are not selling too many players and will have the same crux which always helps. Obviously, we would all like to pull our socks up for the highest level and it would be nice to begin just in the manner we finished the previous season.”

In 2015-16, Hernandez was ahead of the other attackers of Hull City by some distance in terms of scoring. No player even scored half as many goals as him. In fact, only two players managed to take their scoring tally into double figures. One was Hernandez and the other was the playmaker Mohamed Diame.

The forwards like Sone Aluke and Adama Diamonde who played more than 20 games apiece had striking rates of one goal per 8 games almost and it was so, so poor.