The European football regulation body UEFA has said that it will be reviewing the plan to allow only four clubs from England to qualify for the next season’s Champions League.

Tottenham finished in the fourth position in the league after the spectacular season, although they could have easily finished in the third position had it not been for a late-season wobble.

Chelsea, though, managed to qualify for the next season’s Champions League after having won the trophy itself for the first time in the history. Despite finishing only in the sixth position, Chelsea will be in the Champions League group stages next season as the defending champions. It would also mean that Tottenham would be relegated to the Europa league.

This is a major decision since being in the group stages of the Champions League is vastly different from being in the group stages of the Europa league. Even with the Europa league title in the hands, a club will not be able to make more than £ 10 million from revenue. However, just playing in the six group matches of the Champions League will provide the team with £ 35 million in revenue. Even more important is the fact that players will start to leave chasing Champions League football, which has led to manager Harry Redknapp branding the rule as unfair.

“We can always change the rules. We can always discuss the rules, but not during the competition. We have decided not to change the rules or regulations of the competition for three years. So in three years we can change, that means we will come back if you wish. Everything can be discussed, the rules, yellow cards, but not during the competition. Perhaps in the next executive committee we can speak about it. I can put that, but they may say no,” said UEFA President Michel Platini.