Hull City’s Tom Huddlestone believes that all of the remaining matches will be like Cup Finals

Hull City is currently fighting just to survive in the Premier League for another season and are positioned in the bottom spots of the English League.

Tom Huddlestone is a regular starter for Hull City in this season as the English midfielder has made over 20 league appearances in this campaign and he believes that all of the clubs’ remaining matches are going to have the same importance as if they were cup finals.

Tom Huddlestone spoke to reporters before his clubs’ match against Crystal Palace as the midfielder said: “We have to start capitalizing when we are on top and playing well. First goal is always crucial. Six cup finals to come.”
Steve Bruce and his men are not going through the best of times as Hull City sustained their 3rd successive Premier League defeat after losing against Southampton with a final scoreboard of 2-0. In order to achieve the task of surviving for another season in the Premier League, this losing streak has to end.

The 5 final Premier League matches of Hull City will be extremely difficult as they will have to face off with: Liverpool, Arsenal, Burnley, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. Depending on the result of these upcoming matches, it will determine if Hull City manages to stay in the Premier League or suffer a relegation blow back to the English Championship League.

McInally is a Sky Sports pundit and he revealed his thoughts about the current situation that Hull City is going through as McInally said: “Home to Liverpool, home to Arsenal, my goodness.If anything, Burnley, you’d hope to win. But I genuinely, genuinely can’t see getting anything. It’s so difficult.”

These last few matches of the season will be tough for Hull City and any amount of points that is secured in these stages are incredibly important for the survival of Steve Bruce and his team in the Premier League.